Nicholas Beck Interiors


Nicholas brings 15 years of interior design and business experience to the market and a stellar reputation from his work at JDS Designs, one of the leading interior design services firms in the nation. Nick worked on numerous projects all over the country and developed countless relationships and collaborated with some of the top builders, architects, craftsmen and vendors in the industry. He prides himself as a “decorator,” since this is at the heart of what he does. In his own words:

“Homes are the backdrops of our lives, and living in a beautiful space is a powerful thing. You can transform your mood with the right environment. You don’t have to travel to be in a beautiful setting; you can live it right where you are.”

A beautiful, comfortable home is what Nick strives to create for everyone. From the design consultation to installation, he manages the entire process. Everything is thought out with careful attention to detail. Committed to client satisfaction, he makes it easy for you.

*Examples of his work at JDS from 2003 to 2016 can be seen here.




Nicholas Beck

1280 21st Street NW #407
Washington, DC 20036
(732) 300.5104